Are you a Reso-Loser?

Are you a ResoLoser?

There are 2 types of New Year’s Resolution-ists: those who follow through with their yearly promises, about 8%, and the other 92% who quickly become ResoLosers. While many articles exist to offer you tip and tricks that will encourage you to become an 8 percenter, you and I both know what you’re here for: validation for all of the things you are doing right to stay comfy in that 92%.

  1. You let your fear of discomfort keep control over you.
  2. You like following what’s trendy.
  3. You don’t set aside time to sit down and plan the breakdown of your goals.
  4. You do not set small goals every day to chip away at those large goals.
  5. If you don’t do #4, you ignore your goals daily and try to cram in all the progress once a week (just like studying in high school!)
  6. You do not plan your days intentionally.
  7. You do not have a coach to help hold you accountable.
  8. You are spontaneous! But not in a “dance in the rain” type of way, more so in a “I’m spontaneously ordering french fries” kinda way.
  9. You would much rather invest in that value meal than that coach.
  10. You stay comfortable… your current ways have kept you alive so far!
  11. You live vicariously through your favorite movie.
  12. You join the Facebook support group that supports your resolutions, but never post in said group. You’ll just watch from afar and “like” other people’s progress.
  13. You are not okay with disappointing others, but you are okay with disappointing yourself.
  14. You know that you don’t have enough time in the day to stick to your goals, but you know where the snooze button is!
  15. You chalk up being a ResoLoser to a quirky character flaw that’s trendy and cute.

Change can be daunting. 1,000 push-ups is impossible after all (even if it is less than 3 per day if done daily). You love the person you are right now. Wouldn’t change a thing. And in twenty years, I’ll bet you hope that you’re exactly the same. Because hey- it works!

I would LOVE to hear your ResoLoser story. Just hashtag it #ResoLoser and I’ll find it. Happy New Year!